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There are high-paying loads in Indiana and East Carolina lanes [$2,200 flat rate]! Available: 2/26/2020.
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Riteload is the only app and loadboard in transportation for Carriers without brokers.

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QuickPay from Riteload is a service that allows you to get paid for loads in 2 days.

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Carriers and Shippers connect directly to agree on a fair price and quickly sign contracts right in the App.

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Keep in touch at every step. Shippers can see where carriers are along the way to help reduce wasted detention times.

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Stop paying brokers fees and monthly access fees. You only pay $27 when a match is made. Drivers make an average $300 – $400 more per load using Riteload.

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Our technology lets shippers know exactly when you’ll be arriving so they can be ready. We help eliminate those wasted hours that you’re not getting paid for.

Communicate Directly with Shippers

Negotiate and work with Shippers directly. We’re here to connect, not to get in the way.


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