• Contract with shippers directly and make hundreds of dollars more per load.


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The current freight brokerage model takes a huge cut of load payments, sometimes as much as 40%!
We’re here to level the playing field and finally give carriers their fair share.

Introducing the Riteload Platform.

How It Works

Find the Right Load

Access and browse the loadboard for free. Set up preferred lanes and alerts to be notified when a matching load is posted.

Contract Your Load

Connect directly with shippers, accept or counter posted rates, and sign the contract with one click.

Pick Up and Go

Keep in touch with shippers at every step. Real time geo tracking helps to eliminate wasted detention times.

For Carriers


More Money in Your Pocket

Stop paying brokers fees and monthly access fees. You only pay $100 when a match is made. Drivers make an average $300 – $600 more per load using Riteload.

Reduce Detention Times

Our technology lets shippers know exactly when you’ll be arriving so they can be ready. We help eliminate those wasted hours that you’re not getting paid for.

Communicate Directly with Shippers

Negotiate and work with Shippers directly. We’re here to connect, not to get in the way.

Transparent Pricing Model

What You Pay

$100 for each load contracted through the platform.

No other hidden fees. Period.

What You Get
Broker-free loads

Make hundreds of dollars more per load.

Free Quick Pay

Eliminate $30 – $50 per load in factoring fees.

Additional free services coming soon.

About Us

Riteload is a leading Philadelphia-based tech company with a grand ambition to reshape the freight trucking landscape. Our transparent marketplace seamlessly connects shippers with carriers to eliminate freight broker fees. We’re obsessed with leveling the playing field to put more money in drivers’ pockets and enable shippers to save time, save money, and control their own relationships.

Our passionate team includes transportation veterans and tech trailblazers who are relentlessly dedicated to disrupting the trucking landscape. We have a clear mission: to ignite a new era for the industry based on fairness and openness.

We look forward to you joining our Riteload family as we continue to level the playing field and help drivers take back the trucking industry, one freight load at a time.

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